Kilpatrick Format Synth


Kilpatrick Format Features:


K1 Mixer Interface

K1 // Mixer Interface

Kilpatrick Format Mixer and MIDI Interface

Combining a compact and capable audio mixer with a MIDI to CV converter the K1 Mixer Interface acts as the central hub of most systems. The AUX send and stereo inputs provide a perfect effect loop for use with the K3 Digital Effects module. Both headphones and line outs are provided with independent volume controls.

A built-in MIDI to CV converter offers many different modes of operation, allowing a MIDI keyboard or computer to control the system.

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K2 Pitch Oscillator

K2 // Pitch Oscillator

Kilpatrick Format Analog VCO

A real analog VCO based around a traditional sawtooth core, the K2 Pitch Oscillator generates multiple basic waveforms simultaneously. The PWM section includes both a standard PWM mode and a unique multi-pulse mode for making new timbres. The wave blending section allows voltage-controlled blending between different waveform combinations.

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K3 Digital Effects

K3 // Digital Effects

Kilpatrick Format Digital Effects Processor

The K3 Digital Effects module offers two independent digital effects processors in a single module. The REVERB / DELAY section produces high quality stereo reverb and delay effects processed at 24 bit. The ITTI BITTI section produces lo-fi effects to either audio or control voltage signals processed at 12 bit. Effects such as digital multiplication, (ring mod) sample and hold, wave folding and digital distortion are possible.

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K4 Envelope Modulator

K4 // Envelope Modulator

Kilpatrick Format Envelope Generator / LFO

The K4 Envelope Modulator offers four complete channels of modulation goodness in a single module. The first two channels generate envelopes in one of three modes, with voltage control over the up and down times of the envelope. The other two channels generate LFO signals with voltage controlled speed and a wide range gain control. The LFOs can be synced together and produce outputs with configurable phase offsets between them.

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K5 Filter Amp

K5 // Filter Amp

Kilpatrick Format Quad Filter / VCA

The K5 Filter Amp is a quad voltage-controlled amplifier (VCA) and low-pass filter (LFP) in a single module. Manual and voltage control of the output level and filter cutoff frequency are provided on each channel. Adjustable filter resonance adds extreme peaking around the cutoff frequency for ultra-juicy bass sounds or pitched percussive sounds.

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K6 Voltage Processor

K6 // Voltage Processor

Kilpatrick Format Voltage Utility Module

The K6 Voltage Processor is a workhorse utility module. It has audio buffers to convert audio signals to and from the outside world. Add to that four mixers each with dual buffered inputs, gain control, (0-2x gain) normal and inverted outputs and a signal level/polarity LED. It also has two more mixers each with dual buffered inputs and a normal output plus a level LED and a fixed gain of 1x. Finally two buffered pot that can make -5V to +5V for creating manual control voltages, plus a signal switch / swapper which can be either manual or voltage controlled.

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K7 Entropy Sequencer

K7 // Entropy Sequencer

Kilpatrick Format Random Sequencer and Analog Noise Source

The K7 Entropy Sequencer takes a unique approach to sequencing. It can be used in programmed mode where steps you program are played by like a standard step sequencer. But in the normal mode the steps are generated from a true analog noise source. Capture some randomness and then loop it. Then edit the steps if you want or seed part of the sequence with new data as the sequencer is playing. Add to that selectable scales and rhythms and a dedicated random pulse output, and you will never get bored. Plus the analog noise source can be used to generate white, blue or pink noise with an adjustable output level.

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K9 Dynamic Filter

K9 // Dynamic Filter

Kilpatrick Format Multi-mode Filter and Envelope Follower

The K9 Dynamic Filter brings a great, clean and precise filter to the Kilpatrick Format. Like other modules in the system K9 goes above and beyond normal expectations by offering a wealth of control options such as calibrated V/octave input for easy key tracking, as well as voltage controlled resonance and a built-in VCA channel. But K9 also offers a powerful envelope follower section as well which can track audio signals and make control voltage signals.

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K10 Dual Envelope

K10 // Dual Envelope

Kilpatrick Format Dual Envelope Generator

The K10 Dual Envelope offers two identical ADSR envelope generators with a wealth of voltage control possibility. In its simplest form the K10 provides a typical ADSR envelope generator. But with the addition of a retrigger input and five real-time voltage controlled per section, the dynamic possibilities of the module are incredible. The peak input allows for dynamic control of the output envelope size, and the shape control provides dramatic control over the shape of the A, D and R slopes. From a sharp exponential shape to a very rounded log shape and everything in between.

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Module Power Specs

The standard power supply powers 1x active and 1x passive enclosure. (8 module spaces) The maximum current available is approx. +15V @ 20W and -15V @ 10W. (max. 24W combined total on both supplies) A third passive enclosure can be attached as long as the total system power is well within spec.