K10 Dual Envelope

K10 // Dual Envelope

Kilpatrick Format Dual Envelope Generator - 1 Space

The K10 Dual Envelope offers a complete dual-channel traditional style ADSR envelope generator with a number of interesting additional features. In the simplest form, twisting the ATTACK, DECAY, SUSTAIN and RELEASE controls and using the GATE IN will give the envelope control that is so familiar to synthesists. But the K10 offers even more through the use of a number of voltage inputs which take the module to a completely different level. Additionally each of the A, D, S and R stages has an LED which shows when the stage is active. This is particularly useful when tuning the envelope.

Voltage Control

Nearly all parameters on the K10 (except for the SHAPE control) are voltage controllable. Each of the A, D, S and R stages can be modulated up or down from the front panel setting by voltage. The parameters can even be modulated while a phase is active, either speeding up or slowing down the fade in real-time, or modulating the sustain level.

The PEAK CV IN allows the overall size of the output envelope to be adjusted by a voltage, enabling velocity-sensitive playing. Combined with the K1 Mixer Interface running in velocity MIDI to CV mode, this allows fully expressive playing.

Shape Control

A unique aspect of the K10 is the shape control which bends the normally linear up and down ramps. At one extreme the ramps become exponential, creating a sharp peak leading to a very punchy sound. At the other extreme a very rounded logarithmic shape is used, creating fat curves that are high more of the time.


No longer available.