K5 Filter Amp

K5 // Filter Amp

Kilpatrick Format Quad Filter / VCA - 1 Space

The K5 Filter Amp is a quad VCA and low-pass filter combination. Four identical channels offer manual or voltage controlled wide-band VCA, and also a low-pass filter section with controllable resonance. Both circuits operate in tandem with the same CV and input signal, but producing two simultaneous outputs.

The K5 uses high-quality, low-noise VCA circuitry throughout. The response is designed to smoothly track the input signal for optimum fades for use with an envelope generator or other type of modulation source. The LEVEL control can be used to tweak the response to suit the type of CV control and input signal.

The low-pass filter output has a resonance control which adjusts the response from slight peaking around the cutoff frequency, to extreme settings. The filter is not designed to self-oscillate but it does produce percussive pitched bursts when fed with very low frequency pulses.


No longer available.