K2 Pitch Oscillator

K2 // Pitch Oscillator

Kilpatrick Format Analog VCO - 1 Space

The K2 Pitch Oscillator is a fully analog voltage-controlled oscillator (VCO) with a traditional sawtooth core and waveshapers that provide sine, triangle, ramp and pulse outputs. Two different pulse modes offer either standard PWM pulse shaping or a unique multi-pulse mode that generates different timbres by producing multiple narrow pulses. Both modes can be pulse width modulated.

Front panel tuning is accomplished with coarse and fine tuning controls. Additionally a range switch allows a second coarse control to be added to the tuning signal allowing two ranges of tuning, or offering even more tuning range.

A special blend mixing section allows mixing of sine, triangle, ramp and pulse outputs. Two controls blend between sine and ramp, and triangle and pulse waveforms. These two signals are fed into a voltage controlled blending circuit which can be control with the BLEND MIX control or input control voltage.

Inputs include a calibrated V/octave input, linear and exponential CV inputs with bi-polar input level controls, a PWM input with level control, and a sync input which can be used to hard sync the oscillator with input pulses from another oscillator. Outputs are provided for the blend mix circuit and also separate outs for sine, triangle, ramp and pulse outputs.


No longer available.