K3 Digital Effects

K3 // Digital Effects

Kilpatrick Format Digital Effects Processor - 1 Space

The K3 Digital Effects module contains two different digital effect units in a single module. The top REVERB / DELAY section produces high quality reverb and delay effects, all processed at 24 bits. The lower ITTI BITTI section produces lo-fi effects such as bit crushing and sample-rate reduction, wavefolding, distortion and signal multiplication. Reverb and delay effects are geared towards audio signals, whereas the ITTI BITTI effects can be used for both audio and low frequency control voltage signals.

Reverb / Delay

The REVERB / DELAY section provides high quality stereo reverb and delay effects with a dedicated audio DSP. A mono input and level control are used to feed audio into the processor. The output generates a left and right channel which create expansive reverbs and stereo delays. Three controls allow the reverb mix, delay mix and delay time to be controlled. The delay time can also be controlled with a voltage to create pitch shifted and sped up / slowed down effects. Two reverb algorithms and three delay algorithms are selected with the main PROGRAM control.


The ITTI BITTI section occupies the lower half of the module. It generates low fidelity audio and CV effects using non-oversampled 12 bit analog converters to create a number of interesting types of distortion and digital processing of both control voltages and audio signals. It creates digital multiplication of two signals, sample and hold with sample-rate and bit depth reduction controls, wave folding with adjustable drive and break points, and a digital distortion effect which creates harmonically rich timbres from simple waveforms. The sample rate of the system is internally generated, or can be fed from a pitch oscillator or other source of pulses.


No longer available.