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TORQUE - Multiband Compressor

Powerful dynamics processor for production and performance.

As modern electronic musicians and producers, we are increasingly working outside the box, combining both computer-based DAWs with new and vintage gear to get the sounds we want. Although plugins offer flexibility in mixing and mastering, the hands-on feel and low-latency of dedicated hardware is impossible to beat. We are proud to offer TORQUE, featuring great sounding and flexible compression in a small, portable package. For use in the studio or on stage, TORQUE has a fast and intuitive user interface and excellent compression algorithms suited to a wide variety of sources.

TORQUE is part of our new line of powerful desktop music machines designed to offer studio-grade effects in rugged, portable units. Designed to complement synths, drum machines, DJ tools and computer-based audio interfaces, TORQUE integrates perfectly into the modern studio or performance setup.

TORQUE Specs and Features: (preliminary)

  • Stereo compressor with single or multi-band operation (2 or 6 compressors)
  • Multiple compression engines to choose from, including:
    • hard and soft-knee compression
    • auto-ratio leveling
    • electro-optical simulation
    • variable-mu tube compressor simulation
    • automatic gain control for recording or streaming
  • Low-distortion crossover with third-octave frequency selection
  • Pristine analog audio front-end with 24 bit converters
  • High dynamic-range floating point signal processing
  • Low-latency signal processing of less than 1ms
  • High-quality LCD screen shows settings and metering
  • Quick-access parameter controls for threshold, speed and output gain
  • 1/4" line audio jacks using Neutrik connectors
  • MIDI control of all functions via USB or DIN MIDI
  • Internal memory for storage of up to 99 presets
  • 5V USB powered - great for portable use
  • Dimensions, weight and more details coming soon

Price and Availability

Available May 2018

Estimated retail price TBD

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