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Echo Centric

Echo with Stereo Syncopation

The Echo Centric is the most unique small delay pedal around with the ability to create and shape your sound in new ways. Simulating an analog tape delay echo using only the finest in audio technology, the Echo Centric gives you a smoothly adjusting delay up to one second. The soft-damping section gives fed-back echoes that special warm quality that makes analog delay so appealing. And with up to 100% feedback, you can build sound on top of sound, to create amazingly rich effects. Change the delay time with the feedback turned up to hear smoothly varying delays just like an open-reel tape machine.

The syncopation feature adds a new level of creative potential by adding multi-tap delays that automatically divide the selected delay into quarters or thirds. Create musical, lilting or straight-up echoes without messing with the controls. Just step on the SYNCOPATE footswitch to add an extra level of depth to the existing echoes. And the syncopated echoes are output in stereo. Choose either output for a unique sound, or use two amps for incredible stereo echo effects.

"For those who want a great delay that accents the original tone, the Echo Centric is a great choice."

"An absolutely excellent stereo effect that is clean and precise."

Jordan Wagner - Premier Guitar Magazine

With high-quality construction using only high quality parts, the Echo Centric is designed for a lifetime of rocking. The enclosure is made from cold-rolled steel with a powder-coated paint job for long life. Circuitry is hand-wired and tested for perfection. Battery life is long due to a low-power design, and with the unique Pure Bypass technology, pristine sound quality is maintained in your signal path when the effect is out of the circuit.

Features and Specs

  • Hand-tuned Effects - The best effects for your sound.
  • Pure Bypass Circuitry - Noise-free bypassing with clean sound.
  • High Quality Parts - High quality pots and switches, and Neutrik connectors are used for best quality.
  • Low Power Consumption - With only 70mA current draw, the effect can be run on batteries or off a standard Boss-style DC adapter.
  • Controls
    • Wet/Dry - Adjusts the mix between echo and dry sound.
    • Delay Time - Adjusts the amount of delay time up to 1s.
    • Feedback - Adjusts the amount of echo feedback from 0% to 100%.
    • Quarters / Thirds - Selects how the echo is subdivided when the syncopation mode is active.
    • Syncopate - Enables or disables the syncopation mode.
    • Bypass - The main bypass footswitch for turning the effect on and off.
  • Made in Canada - Every unit is hand-wired, assembled and tested in Canada.


No longer available.

Audio Samples

These samples were recorded with a Gibson Les Paul Studio played through a Fender Hotrod Deluxe amp. The amp was mic'd with two AKG C535 microphones. The internal reverb in the amp was disconnected. The Echo Centric was patched into the effects loop.

Echo Centric - Simple Delay

Echo Centric - Long Delay

Echo Centric - Syncopated Thirds

Echo Centric - Major Echo

Echo Centric - Crazy Feedback