K2579 Step Sequencer

K2579 // Step Sequencer

Eurorack Analog / MIDI Step Sequencer - 14HP

The K2579 is a compact and powerful programmable two-part modular sequencer and performance instrument. It supports simultaneous input, output and control via analog and MIDI connections and nearly all programming and performance parameters can be modified in real-time. More than just a simple step sequencer, the K2579 allows sequences to be built, arranged, modified and controlled seamlessly. The entire unit is programmed through a simple interface consisting of an LCD, two knobs and seven buttons. Eight front-panel jacks allow patching the CV/GATE output pairs, inputting clock and reset signals, and inputting two continuous voltages which can be mapped onto various performance parameters for real-time control from other modules.

Up to 16 sequences of 16 steps each (per part) can be loaded at once. Sequences can be chained together, looped or completely controlled manually. The unit features a built-in clock for convenience, but can also sync to an external analog clock pulse or MIDI clock. Using the MIDI functionality requires a K1600 MIDI Converter or other breakout device for interfacing the MIDI signals.

The K2579 Step Sequencer brings new potential to the world of modular synthesis by offering new ways of making music. Building on the success of the K4815 Pattern Generator, the K2579 is a step sideways. Where the K4815 excels in fast creation of rhythms and melodies based on intelligently designed ingredients, the K2579 offers user control over every note and function, and also offers two note polyphony by supporting two parts per sequence.

Features and Specs

  • Eurorack (3U) form factor - 14HP width
  • High contrast LCD screen with amber backlight.
  • Fully-programmable unit with two knobs and seven buttons.
  • Driven by a powerful 32-bit processor.
  • Two-part 16 step sequencer with 16 sequences per song.
  • Internal non-volatile (EEPROM) storage for 8 songs.
  • Automatic store / recall of system parameters at power up.
  • Most recent song loaded automatically at power up.
  • Individual step length control allows any kind of rhythm to be created.
  • Per-sequence control of start, length, loop count, playback direction, etc.
  • Per-sequence part control of notes, gate length, scale, note span, transposition, etc.
  • Each part assignable to a separate MIDI channel for polyphonic or multi-timbral playback.
  • MIDI keyboard-controlled sequence start and transposition.
  • Key trigger mode for momentary playback of sequences.
  • Selectable key map with CC-controlled map swapping for use with small MIDI controllers.
  • Live playback mode for real-time overrides of various playback parameters.
  • Factory-trimmed CV outputs with super high-accuracy DAC.
  • Clock and Reset inputs for controlling the sequencer from analog clock source.
  • MOD CV inputs for controlling various playback parameters. (programmable assignment)
  • Dual CV / GATE output for driving oscillators / envelope generators or other modules.
  • MIDI I/O of most functions available via internal 10 pin Kilpatrick Audio MIDI header.
  • Requires +12V (110mA) and -12V (50mA) - 16 pin Doepfer-style power cable used
  • Designed and made in Canada using high quality parts.
  • Warranty: 1 year


Firmware Updates

Please see the Firmware Updates page for information about updating your module.


No longer available.