KPatternEdit Web Edition

Pattern, Motion and Scale Editor for K4815

MIDI OUT to K4815


This tool allows you to load, save, create and edit new content for the K4815 Pattern Generator module from Kilpatrick Audio. A K4815 module and KMIDI (or compatible) MIDI interface is required to use this software.

  • This program uses WebMidi to send MIDI to your K4815. Currently only Chrome browsers are supported.
  • This program sends SYSEX messages which may require special permission on some browsers. You must enable SYSEX support in your browser settings. Make sure you reload the page and agree to the pop-up message.
  • The KMIDI interface is required and you must connect a MIDI OUT from your computer to the MIDI IN on the KMIDI.
  • Using this program will overwrite whatever patterns are already stored in your K4815. Use the reset functions to load the factory content which you can then upload to your module.
  • Please close all other programs which are using MIDI ports otherwise they may not be available here.
  • This program has no warranty! But if you have problems with it on your browser / computer, please contact us and we will try to fix it.

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